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    The provision of low carbon energy to our society is a key issue at theheart of sustainable development of global energy supply. The Global EnergyInterconnection (GEI) Journal publishes original research on theories and developmentsas well practical applications on principles of large scale low carbon energygeneration, transmission, distribution & storage technologies, globalenergy interconnection & system developments, global energy policy andenergy market operations, global climate changes & environmental impacts,global energy transition strategies and global energy governance.

    The scope of Global Energy Interconnection includes the following but notnecessarily restricted to:

    I. Operation and Planning of Global Energy Interconnection

    1. Theoretical analysis and economic incentives to facilitate the implementationof Global Energy Interconnection

    2. Conceptual and system development strategies, realization paths andcomprehensive values of Global Energy Interconnection

    3. System planning, design techniques and tools and economic analysis of GlobalEnergy Interconnection

    II. Global Energy Transformation, Climate Change and Global Energy Governance

    1. Strategies for Carbon Emissions Reduction and Global Experiences

    2. Impacts of Renewable Energy Developments on Climate Changes and EconomicEvaluation

    3. Global Energy Governance and Energy Cooperation to address Climate Change

    4. Low Carbon Technology of Power Grid

    III. Smart Grids

    1. Wide area/ultra wide area monitoring, estimation, protection and control(WAMPAC)

    . basic WAMPAC building blocks including PMUs, communication infrastructure, Data Concentrator solutions, management and processing of big data, knowledge extraction from big data, cyber security

    . Innovative operation and control of power grids using Wide area/ultra wide area information

    . Adaptive identification and corrective techniques/technologies for power grids using Wide area/ultra wide area information

    2. System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) - Special Protection Schemes;Remedial Action Schemes

    3. Design of modern Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Distribution ManagementSystems (DMS), their applications to support energy connectivity and globalenergy interconnection

    4. Techniques /Technologies for real-time dynamic security assessment, situationalawareness, prevention of power system blackouts and approaches for power systemrestoration

    5. New concepts of robust, secure, reliable, self-healing and resilient powersystems

    6. Technologies and new solutions for ancillary services to support smart gridsand global energy interconnection

    IV. Advanced Power Transmission Technologies/Techniques

    1. Advanced transmission technologies including High-Voltage/Ultra High Voltage ACtransmission, High-Voltage/Ultra High Voltage DC transmission, flexible AC/DCtransmission systems

    2. Wide area/Ultra wide area co-optimized planning of generation and transmissionresources

    3. Real world experiences of AC/DC transmission expansion applications tailored tohigher penetration levels of fluctuating/remittent renewable energies

    4. Innovative control and protection principles as well as practical control andprotection experiences for interconnected power grids and global energyinterconnection

    V. Low Carbon and Clean Energy Technologies and System Integration

    1. Renewable Energy Technologies (e.g., wind, wave, biomass, solar, hydro, etc),clean fossil fuel technologies (e.g., carbon capture) and their integrationinto modern energy systems

    2. Energy storage technologies: Design, operation, control and system planning aswell as market operations and innovative business models

    3. Interactions and integration between electricity and other energy vectors andsectors (including heating, cooling, gas, hydrogen, transport and energystorage)

    4. Technologies to enhance flexibility in future energy systems and energyinterconnection as well as global energy interconnection

    5. Operation, control and protection pf low carbon clean energy generation systems

  • Chairman of Editorial Board

  • Zhenya LiuGlobal Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization

  • Vice Chairman of Editorial Board

  • Xuming LiangGlobal Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization

  • Members of Editorial Board

  • Ching Chuen ChanThe University of Hong Kong, China

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  • Qili HuangState Grid Corporation of China, China

  • Reinhard HuettlGerman Academy of Sciences and Engineering, Germany

  • Richard SchombergInternational Electrotechnical Commission, France

  • Micheal SterlingEnergy sub-group of Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, UK

  • Letian Teng Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, China

  • Nikolai Voropai Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

  • Yusheng XueState Grid Electric Power Resea

  • Key Authors

  • Dongil LeeSeoul National University, South Korea

  • Yutian LiuShandong University, China

  • Rui PestanaRedes Energeticas Nacionais, Portugal

  • Jochen Kreusel ABB Group, Switzerland

  • Aici QiuXi’an Jiaotong University, China

  • Travis M. SmithOak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

  • Rob StephenCIGRE, South Africa

  • Furqan Rafique SyedNational University of Science & Technology, Pakistan

  • Guangfu TangGlobal Energy Interconnection Research Institute, China

  • Getachew Biru WorkuAddis Ababa Institute of Technology, Ethiopia

  • Yasuyo YamazakiSun-Based Economy Association, Japan

  • Osvald BjellandXyntéo Ltd, Norway

  • Liquan ChenChinese Academy of Sciences, China

  • Xinzhou DongTsinghua University, China

  • Andreas DubiosIntec-GOPA International Energy, Germany

  • Wei FengLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

  • Vianna Luiz FernandoInstitutos Lactec, Brazil

  • Ignacio Hernando Gil University of Bath, UK

  • Thomas HammerSiemens AG, Germany

  • Kuznetsov Oleg N.Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia

  • Ahmed Ali Saeed Ibrahim GCC Interconnection Authority, Saudi Arabia

  • Tomas KåbergerChalmers Univ., Sweden & REI, Japan

  • Georg KellUnited Nations Global Compact, Germany

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